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    RGB 腾博会娱乐官网 BUSINESS DIVISION is a very important entity among the supply chain of 腾博会娱乐官网 video display industry, supporting display manufacturers with competitive and easy-use SMD RGB 腾博会娱乐官网 packages. We focused on research, development, manufacturing and promotion various high quality SMD RGB 腾博会娱乐官网s. The Division structure includes Sales Department, Research & Development Department, Micro & Mini 腾博会娱乐官网 Research Center, Manufacturing Management Department, Quality Control Department, REESTAR 腾博会娱乐官网 Production Department, NPP 腾博会娱乐官网 Production Department, Outdoor 腾博会娱乐官网 Production Department, Indoor 腾博会娱乐官网 Production Department. RGB 腾博会娱乐官网 production lines are equipped with modern automatic production equipment, advanced quality inspection and reliability verification equipment. We started SMD RGB 腾博会娱乐官网 manufacturing since 2002, current monthly output and sales is over 6,000 million pieces. Our products were used in many important events, locations and landmark projects in China and overseas areas. We were ranked number one for sales and manufacturing of NPP 腾博会娱乐官网s since 2016. Till now we have achieved 63 patents, and these technical strength has been implemented to our excellent RGB 腾博会娱乐官网s. Driven by active and hard working team with innovative spirit, we keep our leadership and support our customers with win-win cooperation mode.